Ask any mechanic for car care tips and they’ll tell you that the secret to maintaining a high-functioning, spectacular-looking car isn’t the latest gadget or pricey parts, but some good old tender loving care. In fact, with just a few changes, you can make your car look and feel like new. This Valentine’s, show the love of your life how much you care with these car maintenance tips!

Take ‘er to the wash. Regularly washing your car not only keeps it looking good, but helps keep it running better too. When dirt and dust build up on your car, both on its underbelly and its surface, it can sneak into crevices and cause long-term damage.

Clean everything. Excavate all lose items and trash. Turn up the floor mats. Vacuum and get rid of any and all crumbs and dust. You’ll be amazed at what this act alone will do for making your car look spiffy and new again.

-Update your electronics. Treat yourself and your car to a stereo upgrade or electronics swap. You can trade an old radio unit for one that can integrate with your smartphone, for example, allowing you to enjoy high-tech perks far after Valentine’s ends.

Clear your lenses. Many vehicles have plastic composite headlamps that dull or “dirty” over time. If your headlights are foggy looking, take your car in for a headlight restoration. The restoration isn’t expensive, and the procedure will instantly make your car look newer. Plus, it will improve illumination and thereby, your safety.

Consider upgrading your brakes and suspension. If you really want to make a huge difference in your driving experience, replacing your shocks, springs, dampers, brake rotors, etc. can add power to your car’s performance. New brakes improve safety and mobility, while suspension upgrades can improve your car’s steer ability, turning, and general movement.

-Replace floor mats. Floor mats are one of the first things that get dirty and ruined in a vehicle. If your floor mats can be washed to a somewhat pristine quality, great. Wash them and put them back in. Otherwise, consider purchasing new floor mats. This relatively low cost and effort move can instantly transform the look of your car.

-Upgrade your rims. While you can opt for some sports or luxury looking rims, they’re not just about the aesthetics. Good rims can improve handling, brake performance, and more.