During every Formula 1 race, dozens of photographers huddle on the sidelines, each shouldering thousands of dollars in equipment and each hoping to capture that perfect shot.

But photographer Joshua Paul has a different approach. For the past few years, Paul has been using a 104-year old Graflex camera to photograph Formula 1. The camera may be clunky—in fact, it’s a completely inconvenient, boxy contraption—but it produces photos that really stand out. Paul’s photos have an “old world” glossy look and feel. Each photograph is indescribably cool, complete with a satisfying feeling of nostalgia.

Check out Paul’s amazing work in the slider below!

What is Formula 1?

Formula 1 or F1 (the “Formula” part in the name refers to the set of rules each racing car must conform to) is the highest class of individual auto racing today. Started in 1950, the Formula 1 World Championship is the most prestigious race on earth and Formula 1 racing is regarded by many to be the most exciting auto sport.


What to Know About Formula 1

Formula One cars are the fastest racing cars in the world—individual cars can reach speeds of over 200 miles per hour. The Formula 1 season consists of a series of races held worldwide on a mix of circuits and public roads. This collection of races is known as Grands Prix (French for “grand prizes”). While most events take place on traditional European circuits—among the most famous are Monza (Italy), Circuit De Monaco (Monaco), and Spa-Francorchamps (Belgium)—more and more events are being held on circuits on other continents. Formula 1 races are judged based on a points system and two winners are picked annually each year—one prize is given to drivers and another one to constructors (the builders of the winning vehicle).

There are twenty Grand Prix scheduled for the 2017 season, which began in March. The last Grand Prix will take place in Abu Dhabi on November 26, 2017. Each year, over 425 million tune into coverage of the F1 racing season. Don’t miss out on all the fun—it’s not too late to pick a racing team to get behind!