Winter is here, so this is the time when we begin piling everyone into the car and head out to celebrate the holiday season. Whether you are taking a long trek to grandma’s house you go, or a short trip to build a snowman, your time on the road helps set the tone for the day. Have as much fun on the way to your destination as you will when you get there, with these great tips from  Luxury Auto Works.  

Exterior Decoration

If you want to be the star of the Texas highways and build joy when they see you coming, consider the exterior of your car! Nothing says holiday spirit link blinging up the car with some antlers and Rudolph’s glowing nose, or even car-size Santa hats are a few popular choices on the road. If you are looking for something less flashy, dangling elf feet, or magnetic car stickers are sure to inspire a smile as you pull-up or pass by. There are many ways to decorate the exterior of your vehicle for the season. 

Holiday Interior Tips

The interior of your car is the first thing that greets you and sets the mood when it’s time to go. When you get behind the wheel this December, consider the scent of your interior. One of the favorite ways to bring the joy of the season to my car is with holiday spiced pine cones. We recommend purchasing a bag at a local craft or grocery store or you can make your own. Leave the spiced pine cones in a paper bag in your cargo area, and they will fill your interior with the scents of the season all winter long!   

Music to Set the Tone

For a longer journey, keep the winter magic alive with special entertainment. Listen to the Nutcracker Suite, or revisit a classic tale like A Christmas Carol to keep spirits up.  Consider providing your passengers with a soft travel blanket in case they need to warm up fast. It’s an extra luxury in the winter chill, all over the river and through the woods. 

This is just the start! Whether you are driving an Audi, Lexus, BMW or any other car, a little holiday cheer added for the season just makes for a more joyful drive. There are many more ways to decorate your car for the season, and I hope we have inspired you! Let us know what you are doing to celebrate and how we can help you get there safely this year and remember, if you have any questions about safety with your decorations or even help safely installing or removing holiday items, please feel free to give us a call.