Trying to find that perfect holiday gift for car lovers? We know the holiday season is somehow always a hectic one… Between career, familial, and social obligations, there scarcely seems time to breathe before the season’s already over. This year, don’t get caught unawares. We’ve put together a gift-guide to make your holiday season a little easier. Here are some unique gift ideas for the car lovers in your life:

  1. Driving gholiday gift idea zara driving gloves loves – Take them back to the golden age of motor-racing with a pair of driving gloves. Whether in a vintage throwback style or a more modern cut, you can’t go wrong with this classy gift. They’ll get cool points, get a better grip on the wheel, and protect their hands from the aging effects of the sun. It’s a win-win-win. This European-inspired set in traditional cognac from ZARA is a nice starting point:



  1. holiday gift idea classic car artIt’s a trip down the rabbit hole to childhood…but in style. These classically-inspired posters are just like the ones they used to have hanging on their bedroom wall…with a modern twist. These stylized and artistic pieces are minimalist and beautiful, making them a stylish addition to any home. Select from over 40 prints:




  1. holiday gift idea jerry can flaskJerry can hip flask. Of course, you should never drink and drive, but this slick flask is great for when you’re partying with a DD, or for that person who has everything else. Fits up to 6oz.





  1. holiday gift idea coffee mugThis piece of Ferrari merch in black is a bit less conspicuous than most of the flashy bright red pieces you’ll typically find emblazoned with the Ferrari logo. In contrast, this slick black mug is cool and more subdued, while still providing the pizazz of the spotlighted Ferrari logo. For an inexpensive but thoughtful gift, you can’t go wrong



  1. holiday gift idea the man and le mansThe Man and Le Mans Documentary. This Cannes feature documentary is a must for anyone who claims to be an auto fan. It’s a Steve McQueen classic that showcases true grit and passion firsthand, and will remind any viewer of the thrill of the world of cars while revealing the true story of how this McQueen would risk it all to pursue his dream.





  1. holiday gift idea mechanics tool kitMechanic’s toolkit. For the gearhead who is always going on about doing their own repairs…well, now they’ll have no excuse! This 200 piece set comes with great assurances at a great bargain for a beginner. It should provide them everything they need to get started. If you’re looking for professional grade, give us a call/email and we’ll help you out!


  1. holiday gift idea hands free cell phone mount Cell phone mount. If you’re looking for a utilitarian gift, look no farther. This universal cell phone mount is subtle and easy to use. It attaches to the air vent and allows the user to rotate and swivel the display at their leisure. It’s a small investment for a major convenience!




  1. holiday gift idea model engine build kitVisible V8 Engine Model Kit. This isn’t just an ultra cool decorative piece, but a functional model kit. Your fellow car lover will enjoy taking this engine apart and putting it back together again. It’s a fantastic conversation starter, as well!