The kind of car seat you buy for your child will depend on the age, weight, and height of your child. A baby would, as part of growing up, go through different stages that may require different types of car seat. It is imperative to keep your child in a rear-facing car seat as long as possible. When you purchase a new car, it is advisable to test the seats among other components to ensure the seat is compatible and fits in well. Also to be on the safe, it is advisable to bring your car seat along so you can know how to install it. Convertible types of seats can face either forward or backward and often work utill he or she is at least two years old. This means the infant car seat is much safer and more comfortable.

Types of Car Seat Belts

 Infant Car Seats

The most durable form and most dynamic for child seatbelts is an infant car seat that is rear-facing. It is very convenient and comes with a detachable carrier and mount unto a base that stays in the car. Whenever you want to get out of the car, all you have to do is unclick and take the seat with the baby in it. You can also purchase an extra-base if you deem it necessary.

Convertible Car Seat

The convertible Car Seat is similar to the infant model, this type has a five-point harness system and has an option of facing forward, although it mostly faces backward. Some convertible car seats are capable of accommodating a baby from birth up to about 45 pounds. You can also get a custom made convertible seat that can accommodate up to 80 pounds.

All-in-One Car Seat

An all-in-one car seat has all the same functions and features of a convertible car seat. It can be rear-facing or forward-facing and features a five-point harnessing system. This type can be used after removing the harness as a positioned seat belt booster seat. Just as the name implies, the all in one car seat is designed to meet all your needs from the birth of the Child until you are ready to transfer your Child to a booster seat. The advantage of using an all in one car seat are it has a higher rear-facing weight limit up to 40 lbs. as well as a more extended seat. 

Toddler Booster Combination Seats

This model of car seats is designed to be used as a forward-facing seat only. These seats also have a five-point harnessing system. As a plus, it will easily convert into a toddler booster seat once your child grows out of the harness.

 The safety of your child cannot be overemphasized. If you love and care for your child, you wouldn’t want any harm to befall them. Using the right kind of seats could save you a whole lot of problems and damage. Do you have any questions or need further clarification as to using seats? Give us a call at Luxury Auto Works, and we will get back to you in the quickest time possible.