Summertime is road trip season! Last month we told you about boosting your fuel efficiency for long trips. This month we are giving you some pointers on how to pack your luxury vehicle for a road trip! Are you making any plans this summer to travel outside of Austin? Exploring Texas? Outside of Texas? We got you covered.

The first thing you should do is clean and inspect your car. Not only do road trips get your car very dirty, so it is good to start off fresh. A clean vehicle on the outside helps you inspect for any damage before the trip in case there are any chips or damage during a long drive. Cleaning will also give you a chance to check your lights, brakes, etc. while you are cleaning.


Safety First!


Before you start packing the first thing you should do is double check your safety equipment. Make sure your first aid kit is stocked. Check your spare tire, and you have your jack, flares and everything else you need ready. Now is also a time to add a couple of gallons of distilled water to your emergency supplies. In the event of a breakdown, you may need water to last you several hours. Choose distilled water so you can use it to top off your battery or radiator in a pinch.

Now comes the time to pack. If you are new to trips, it is a good idea to keep in mind you will need half the destination items you think you will need. Also, you will need double the actual trip items you think you need.




Pack efficiently.




Often when people pack for a trip, they want to have every possible situation covered. Seasoned vacationers know this never happens. Bring clothes according to your plans. No more. There is no need to bring your tux unless you are going on a road trip to have dinner with the President. Besides, often you buy clothes on trips, be it souvenir shirts, or a beautiful dress you found while killing time. After all, it is a vacation! Worst case scenario, you can use hotel laundry services or a laundromat. A laundromat is not a time killing alternative as it sounds, plan to do laundry while eating lunch nearby. A week-long trip, most people can get along fine with four to five days of clothes and a round of washing. There is no need for seven outfits for seven days with three backups for different weather and formal attire in case you get invited to the prom during your trip to the beach. Fit as much of all these things as possible in the trunk, with a blanket or two for overnight driving.






Occupy Your Time


Finally, before you leave, you want the actual road trip supplies. Here you ignore the half rule and follow the double standard! Bring twice as many books on tape, food, drinks, toys and other things you think you will need for the trip. Trust me, you do not want to sit through 53 Sherlock Holmes cases and 411 poems of Edgar Allen Poe. I guarantee you, this will not happen. You will likely never use half of your selections, and not make it through the other half. Your music playlist should be extensive since you will not be in the mood for many songs. Also, you will drink more soda and eat more chips than usual if for no other reason than pure boredom. Load up. And for the love of god, keep the children entertained! Stuff as many toys as you can fit. Load up on your data plan, buy some apps and fill your Netflix download queue with movies. Do whatever you have to do to make sure they have entertainment, you will not regret it.

These tips should keep you ready for any road trip this summer, or any summer. Local Austin trips or outside of Texas, you will be prepared. Remember, if you are not feeling too sure about your car’s performance, stop by Luxury Auto Works and have us look under your hood before you go. You never can be too safe.