Audi on the highway

Summer fun gas saving tips.

With Summer right around the corner, we at Luxury Auto Works are here to serve you with more summertime luxury car tips. Last year, we gave you some pointers for care. We included air conditioning service, changing the oil and tire maintenance, all which also help conserve fuel. Now we are here to save you gas for your summertime road trips!

The most straightforward thing you can do is ditch the car for short trips. After all, this is Austin, Texas. Austin is a bike-friendly community, so you will not be alone in going by foot or bicycle to some shorter trips around town if it isn’t too hot.

For many of us, walking is not going to happen. In a place like Austin, it is often too hot. But, even the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has released a guide in their Take Care Of Texas program. In it are tips on cleaning up pollution, and, many of their suggestions also offer fuel savings!

Summer road trip planning

Here we have compiled some of the best fuel savings tips thanks to AAA Texas and others. We hope you have a fun,

road trip filled summer!

The first thing you can do to increase your mileage is to be a more passive driver. Keeping a slower, steady speed with less breaking and accelerating alone can improve efficiency by as much as 30%! Cruise control can also play a significant role in this.

If you drive a manual, remember to stay in the higher gears while driving. This keeps your RPM’s low keeps the engine working slower. With slower revolutions comes slower fuel spending.

Clean your car

When you clean your car, you can find several months’ worth of lost change; this is like saving several gallons of gas if you spend it at the pump!

Less junk equals less gas use. It is summertime, there is no need for that ski rack that adds weight and wind resistance to your vehicle. Also, now may be a good time to empty your trunk. An extra 100 pounds of weight can have a noticeable difference in your mileage.


An old-fashioned tune-up helps on gas

One thing you should always consider doing when you have decided to try to lower fuel consumption is getting your vehicle serviced. The good news is, most of what you can do to increase efficiency, you can do yourself in a couple of hours. Cleaning your battery cables, replacing your air filter and making sure your tires are properly inflated and balanced can have an immediate effect on your MPG.

Performance tires being replaced

Make sure to tune up your vehicle for top fuel performance.

Also, replacing your oil for a cleaner synthetic, replacing the O2 sensor and inspecting the suspension and chassis parts for misalignment can help. This may be a little more difficult for some, but that is why we are here to help. Performing full maintenance on your luxury car can add another 30 percent efficiency and more.

Remember, if you are considering a long trip or are wanting to be more environmentally conscious, give Luxury Auto Works a call. You can always ask us any of your fuel or maintenance questions. Whether you drive an Audi, Mercedes Benz, BMW or Porsche, you can be sure we have the best advice in Austin for helping you improve your car, the environment, and your bank account.