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Auto theft is always a problem anywhere.

With the recent break-in we featured on the page 2 weeks ago, we decided to bring you some handy tips for keeping your car secure. While the summer months tend to be the highest for auto theft and summer is winding to a close, keeping your car safe is good all year around.

First, remember the obvious, remember to lock your vehicle, park in open, well-lit areas, and keep your valuables in the trunk or at least out of window sight.

Popular Theft Deterrents

Car alarms are the most common defense for your luxury vehicle. While car alarms can be beaten, the idea behind an alarm as a deterrent is that most thieves would prefer not to call attention to themselves. Just seeing that red light blinking, or the stickers on the windows are often enough. Sometimes, just the alarm going off will cause them to flee.

Simple Fixes

Steering wheel locks are simple but effective. But, a steering wheel lock does not protect your stereo or other valuables.  Besides, even the most robust steering wheel lock can be broken, but this takes time so they can be useful but limited deterrents.

Tire deflators are designed to deflate your car tires if they aren’t taken off before driving the car. This causes several problems. First, it does not stop the theft, and only further damages the car when it is discovered, and if you forget to remove them, you end up with a big problem on your hands.

Parts etching is another deterrent that does not help much but can help after the fact. The EIN is inscribed on windows and other parts of the car making the part known to be stolen even if stripped and placed on another vehicle. However, by this point, it does you no real good, it just makes thieves easier to catch.

Wheel locks are similar to the boots used by parking enforcement. When you park, you install the wheel lock, and this prevents a thief from jumping in and driving away.


More Complicated


LoJack and vehicle AI are often excellent anti-theft devices. Having cars that can notify the police the vehicle is stolen without resulting in a chance or further damage to the car is beneficial, but as noted, this also does not stop a break in.

Dash cameras. As we saw in our social media post, an in-dash camera is excellent! It will film the thief during the break-in so we can show their face all over social media and to the police to help catch them. It also serves as a source of humiliation for the person who refuses to get a job.

Whats Next?


The future of anti-theft is sure to get better with AI and self-driving cars. We look forward to the day when the thief breaks into a car to steal it, the vehicles AI learns it is taken and locks the doors, drives to the police station playing Nicklebacks This Is How You Remind Me on full blast repeat for hours on end until the thief ends the standoff begging to be thrown in jail.

Until then, please feel free to stop by or call us for all your security questions and needs, we can help you out with a variety of services to boost the security of your luxury vehicle. We are always happy to help you stay safe, it is our main job.