Mercedes Benz has a long, storied history with many notable achievements. Mercedes has set records for quality, exceptional standards, first-time technology, and more. Nearly since its inception, it has maintained a stellar reputation for superior machinery and a millions-strong worldwide fan base. Little wonder, then, that Mercedes owners take so much pride in their vehicles.

You Need Mercedes Benz Service, Austin

If you have a Mercedes, you undoubtedly want to keep it in good condition. With proper attention, a Mercedes vehicle can last decades. Moreover, regular repairs and maintenance will not only ensure the longevity of your car, but will keep it fast, smooth, and safe. That’s why it’s key to find a reliable local auto shop to service your Mercedes car. If you’re looking for Mercedes Benz service in Austin, look no further than:

Luxury Auto Works

Luxury Auto Works prides itself on its passion for exceptional service. Servicing Mercedes vehicles is a particular love of ours. Luxury Auto Works founder, Thomas Dere, began his career on the haunches of Mercedes, having been accepted into the highly competitive Mercedes ELITE manufacturing training program and having since won various prestigious Mercedes awards and accolades. Thomas’ passion and fascination for Mercedes has led him to achieve a level of mastery that is unmatched in the Austin area. Now with his own shop, Thomas has put his years of experience to good use in training Luxury Auto Works staff, in addition to personally attending to customer vehicles. When it comes to Mercedes Benz service, you know your car is in expert hands with Luxury Auto Works.

How Is Luxury Auto Works Exceptional?

Luxury Auto Works is known as one of the most reputable auto shops in the Austin area—and for good reason. Our dedicated, experienced staff prioritizes hands-on customer care and transparent transactions above all else. We will never upcharge you, or sell you something your car doesn’t need. For affordable Mercedes Benz service, there is no better choice.

We offer full auto service and repairs for Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lotus, Lexus, and Rolls Royce cars. If you want your Mercedes handled by qualified experts, with the utmost care, book an appointment with Luxury Auto Works today.