Few luxury car brands, let alone car brands in general, share the consistency of the stellar reputation of Mercedes-Benz. Fewer still can claim as many achievements and milestones in automobile history as Mercedes-Benz can. From producing the first diesel-engined production passenger car in 1936 to being the feature of the world’s first, and most influential, street racing videos (“C’etait un rendez-vou”), Mercedes has certainly made its mark on history. Its little wonder, then, that Mercedes has a popular following worldwide. Mercedes owners have every right to be proud of their vehicles.

Mercedes cars are superior machines that are built with great passion and a meticulous attention to detail. It is only fair that the cars, once sold, should continue to receive the same level of car. Mercedes vehicles can easily last a lifetime, or several. Proper repair and maintenance, though, is key. If you own a Mercedes, investing in a high quality Austin Mercedes repair auto shop is well worth your while.

Austin Mercedes Repair

While Mercedes dealers certainly know what they’re doing, they can charge an arm and a leg for services. Why pay exorbitant prices for basic repairs, when you can get the same or higher level of service at a more affordable price? Luxury Auto Works makes that possible. Luxury Auto Works is an expert luxury auto repair shop with locations in Austin and Cedar Park. We specialize in top quality service with a personal touch.

Our team of qualified mechanics have years of experience in the luxury auto industry. Each member of our team has been rigorously trained in the latest repair and maintenance techniques and is exceptionally talented at what they do. Our mechanics, who don’t work on commission, are honest, transparent, and will never recommend services you don’t need. Whether you want a detailed run-down of what we’re doing to your car, or just want to breeze in and out as quickly as possible, we have the service to meet your standards, and the carside manner to make you absolutely comfortable.

A Passion for Mercedes

While Luxury Auto Works services a variety of luxury brand vehicles, the shop’s passions began with Mercedes. Owner and chief mechanic Thomas Dere is an elite Mercedes servicer, having graduated the highly competitive Mercedes ELITE manufacturer training program, collected various master certifications, and having received numerous awards from Mercedes itself. Thomas has passed his unparalleled level of skill and professionalism to the shop itself, personally supervising the training of every staff member, from mechanic to customer service specialist. For Austin Mercedes repair, there is no better option than Luxury Auto Works.

“My heart and soul will always be with Mercedes because it is the first vehicle I ever worked on at a professional level.”
–  Thomas Dere, Owner and Chief Mechanic