Lexus is the luxury vehicle division of Japanese producer, Toyota. Marketed in over 70 countries worldwide, Lexus has gained a reputation as being an attainable, reliable—and beautiful—car. Toyota maintains rigorous quality and service standards when it comes to their Lexus lines. From ensuring quality at the very beginning—the liquid metal state of engine creation—to the meticulous cleanliness of assembly at every stage, to the six-coat painting and finishing process, Lexus cars are treated with the utmost care. Every single Lexus engine is personally inspected before it is placed in a vehicle, and every finished model is vigorously tested before being released on the market.

Lexus cars, regardless of when they were made, retain impressive integrity and durability. In short, Lexus owners sit at the crux of comfort and modernity. And with proper maintenance and you’re your Austin Lexus can easily last you many, many smooth-riding years.

Austin Lexus Repair

A vehicle, while a great asset, is also a cost. Protect your investment by keeping your car up to date with the latest maintenance and repairs. Lexus itself prescribes maintenance intervals that vary by model and year. Cars, like people, can be fickle. That’s why the easiest way to make sure your Lexus vehicle stays healthy is to find it its own regular doctor. Regular maintenance is not only essential to maintaining high levels of performance and safety, but can also enhance your vehicle’s resale value and lengthen its life.

That’s where Luxury Auto Works comes in. Our auto specialists have years in the maintenance and repair industry, and have serviced a collective tens of thousands of vehicles. Our team has a special love for Lexus vehicles, because not only are they premium cars; they are fantastic to both drive and service. Because Lexus automobiles are high-caliber vehicles requiring trained delicacy, our technicians are rigorously trained in maintenance and repair standards. We take pride in our loving attention to detail, and our top quality service has won us the patronship of many loyal local customers. Let us put our passion to good use in servicing your Lexus automobile.

Why Luxury Auto Works?

Luxury Auto Works is firmly dedicated to providing car owners with top notch service and excellent customer care. We provide high quality service at affordable, transparent prices. Our technicians, who don’t work on commission, will always be upfront about costs, and will never recommend pricey services your vehicle doesn’t need. Our passion enables to provide high quality service for less—and our customers notice. See the difference we’ll make in your Austin Lexus repair. Call today to book your servicing!