If there is one thing almost everyone can agree on, it is that green tech is the future of automobiles and energy. It is amazing how the luxury automobile industry is innovating in several areas this “charge to a better charge.” We at Luxury Auto Works are big fans of the environment and keeping it protected. Thankfully, so are many of our customers and a large part of Austin, Texas in fact. With this in mind, we love to keep people updated on what is on the horizon in green energy.

Green Charging Stations

Green charging station

Electric Car Charger

The first new big deal we are going to look at is the new Porsche charging station. The charger is a beast with its concept of “Turbo Charging.” The new charging technology gives 250 miles, of range in roughly an hour. Once the voltage level increases to 800V, the charging time will come down to less than 20 minutes for the same distance coverage.

Battery Technology

Battery technology also continues to improve.  Lexus is catching eyes with their CT and ES hybrids for those who have a love for the power and comfort. It manages to do this while being environmentally friendly at the same time. The BMW i3 has also caught a lot of attention with its futuristic design and 81 mile capacity on a single charge performance battery. Yet, there is also a lot of promise from the Tesla High-Performance Battery. While this is a closely guarded secret on exactly what is to be expected, the partnership with researcher Jeff Dahn shows promise. As a bonus, Tesla is also promising to bring us electric commercial transport trucks with Megacharger stations. The Tesla semi is going to be an impressive site to see. It will not be long before you see one on the road your self.

Energy Analysis

Green tech software

Analysis software can fix thousands of micro problems

Last, we bring you power analysis software. With diagnostics getting better and better every year, power analysis software is a technology we here at Luxury Auto Works can’t wait to get our hands on. The ability to process more and more information, we can further test smaller and smaller areas of entire systems to monitor for micro inefficiencies. It would be possible to analyze hundreds or even thousands of points on a vehicle for inefficiency. Pending problems even in the near future can be solved before they even occur! This can be used to calibrate countless ways to save energy in your car down to the emission of light by your gauges.


All in all, the future appears to be bright green for the automobile industry. We are excited to see the day when electric vehicles are far more common on the road. With more and more advancements every year, it is an exciting thing to follow. It is equally as exciting seeing the luxury car makers such as Lexus, Mercedes, and BMW stepping up to become leaders in the field.