Maintaining your vehicle is necessary. It is one of those things everyone has to do that nobody wants to do. The problem many have is in perspective. Maintenance is time and money consuming. Nobody likes giving up either. We rarely think of maintenance as improving the safety of the vehicle, of extending the life of the car and thus resell value. Maintenance done right saves money and time in the long run. Which do you prefer, a 2-hour $500 wait for new belts and oil, or a three day and $10,000 wait for a new engine? Also, a maintained car saves fuel and is better for the environment.

Thankfully, not everything needs fixing at a shop! While we love servicing your vehicle and know that for more complicated repairs and maintenance, Luxury Auto Works is the place to go. We also know that sometimes a simple issue 15 minute fix can happen without the need to come here. Here are five tips for simple fixes for your car’s performance.

Car Battery Inspection At A Glance

This may be one of the most natural simple maintenance procedures you can do. A dead battery is a common problem that can leave you stranded and wasting plenty of time and money at the wrong time. A couple of times per year, you should check your battery terminals for dry white battery acid. If there is any acid, remove the cables from your battery (do the negative cable first). Next, give them a good cleaning and apply some dielectric grease to the connections. You can often scrape it all off and clean with steel wool and/or a wire brush in under 15 minutes. Baking soda and a little water also help make the job easier.

Some batteries still have access to water levels. This is an excellent time to pop off the cap and check for water levels. If your battery is low, you add a proper amount of distilled water and close the cap, and you that is it!

Wiper Blades Replaced At Least Annually

One of the biggest safety concerns when driving is visibility. Without proper wiper blades, you lose a crucial safety element in rain or other adverse conditions. Waiting until it rains is a tragic mistake that costs lives every year. When the rain comes, comes slower driving, and you suddenly do not have time to stop. If your blades skip or streak, you should make a point to change them out right away.

It is generally wise to give your blades at least a quarterly inspection and cleaning. Wipe them free of dirt and inspect them for cracks. Wiper blades typically need changing every six months to a year. Remember, to make it easy, you may want to merely take the wiper blade off and bring it in with you to match. It is also recommended to buy a second pair to keep in the trunk in case of an emergency.

Most wiper blade replacements happen easily in five minutes by following the instructions on the package. It takes no special tools or skills other than your hands.

Fuses For A fast Electrical Fix

Fuses are the go-to for most electrical problems. They mostly all work the same. If you have an electrical problem such as a light not turning on or seat belts not latching, consult the owners manual for the location of the fuse and check to see if you have a blown a fuse. Most fuses have a connecting metal piece inside, if broken, you need a new fuse. To be safe, you can pull another nearby fuse and compare the two. A fuse replacement can cost pennies and take 5 minutes of your time without a mechanic.

There are many small fixes you can do yourself for your vehicle. There is not always a need to call us right away. But, if the job looks confusing or if you are unsure of yourself, please make sure to give us a call even with a small job. It is better to have even a small job done right than an accident causing significant damage.