Mercedes Benz boasts a rich and impressive history of achievement. Without a doubt a pioneer of the automotive industry, Mercedes Benz has, since its establishment, produced more high-quality luxury vehicles than any other European car manufacturer.

Mercedes-Benz is not just a brand; it’s a lineage.

From staff to mechanics to car owners, every individual link in the production and maintenance chain is a steward of the proud Mercedes-Benz legacy. That’s why, as a Mercedes-Benz owner, you’ve come to expect a certain level of quality, both in service and in the product itself. In fact, owning a Mercedes-Benz means not settling for anything less than the best. That’s why, at Luxury Auto Works, we bring you only the top of the line when it comes to Mercedes repair Austin.

Our Team of Talented Mechanics

Our team of talented mechanics at Luxury Auto Works are well-versed in the intricate stylings of fine European auto repair. Mercedes repair is a unique challenge, as it requires extraordinary attention to detail, a high level of technology, special factory diagnostic equipment, and computer programming, repair, and coding skills. Not everybody is qualified to do this important work. Mercedes-Benz technicians must keep up with the latest information and technology systems, in addition to possessing the practical skills required of hands-on, technical repair.
Today’s Mercedes Benz vehicles are true marvels of technology; ones that combine the highest level of luxury with practical features, speed, and enviable amenities. This facet of the timeless Mercedes-Benz, however, can also materialize complex repair challenges. Mercedes Benz automobiles are already pricey, and a Mercedes Benz owner could easily shell out the entire contents of their wallet on a single repair.

Your Solution for Mercedes Repair Austin

Our Luxury Auto Works mechanics each have years of experience repairing Mercedes-Benz automobiles. Each has undergone rigorous training, in addition to frequent information maintenance learning, to learn the best techniques and practices of Mercedes repair Austin. That’s why you can rest assured knowing that the quality and craftsmanship of your Mercedes-Benz will be perfectly preserved. Best of all, you’ll get top-of-the-line repair and service without the added cost. At Luxury Auto Works, we don’t work on commission, so we only recommend repairs and updates that your car actually needs. With honesty, transparency, and no hidden fees, you know upfront what you’re walking into, and what you’ll walk away with. If you’re looking for Mercedes service in Austin, look no farther than Luxury Auto Works.