The Lotus Esprit V8, first introduced in the 1970s, is an iconic car. From appearances in popular culture, such as in the James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me,” to numerous racing commemorations, the Lotus Esprit V8 has gained a wide following. A cool car all around, it is little wonder that automotive enthusiasts around the world are still purchasing and driving this memorable vehicle.

Since production of the Lotus Esprit V8 ceased in 2004, servicing these sports cars has become somewhat of a challenge. Fewer and fewer auto mechanics are qualified to service these high-powered machines, which require unique handling and care. If you own a Lotus Esprit V8, you undoubtedly want to keep it fast, lean, and mean. This means regular maintenance and check-ups. Luxury Auto Works is the only qualified auto shop in Austin that can perform high-quality Lotus repair service on Lotus Esprit V8s.

Lotus Esprit V8 Timing Belt

Lotus servicers and owners know the importance of belt servicing in prolonging the life of the Lotus Esprit V8. Called the Esprit’s Achilles heel, the timing belt is the one consumable part that needs regular replacing. In fact, Lotus specifies that the timing belt should be replaced every 100,000 miles or when it appears worn—whichever comes first. Esprits produced before 1995 use an older version of the timing belt. These Esprits need their timing belt replaced every 25,000 miles. However, if you really want to keep your Esprit in its prime, Lotus Esprit World recommends changing the timing belt every two years, even if your mileage is lower than the replacement markers. Humidity, moisture, and weather changes throughout the year can also wear down your belt.

While regularly replacing your timing belt can prolong the life of your Esprit, and, indeed, even improve its performance, not replacing it can have catastrophic consequences. If your old timing belt fails, slips, or falls, it can result in catastrophic damage to your engine. The cost of repairs in such cases is enormous. That’s why regular scheduled Lotus repair and maintenance is critical to preserving the integrity of your vehicle.

Schedule Maintenance with Luxury Auto Works

Luxury Auto Works is now the only Austin Lotus service who is certified and able to replace timing belts on the Lotus Esprit V8. Indeed, even the local Lotus dealer has announced that it will no longer be providing this Lotus Austin repair. Your timing belt should be inspected often, and the tension adjusted in necessary. One of our skilled mechanics will be able to tell you when it is time to replace your timing belt. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for your Lotus Esprit V8.

About the Lotus Esprit V8

The Lotus Esprit V8 is a well-known sports car that was produced by Lotus between 1976 and 2004. The Esprit V8 is based on the “folded paper” design concept created by Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro and was first rolled out at the 1975 Paris Auto Show. With a steel backbone chassis and fiberglass body, the Esprit V8 was produced to embody Lotus’s company mantra: performance through light weight. Over a 28 year production run, a total of 10, 675 Esprits were manufactured.