The Future Has Arrived with the new BMW motorcycle, dubbed “The Great Escape”.

Look no further, because the future has arrived in “The Great Escape,” BMW’s Motorrad (BMW motorcycle) VISION NEXT 100. This TRON-reminiscent ride is as sleek and high-tech as it gets. It may seem like science fiction, but this futuristic two-wheeler is the real deal, and it’s already here!

The Great Escape, the new BMW motorcycle

A Revolution

The Great Escape is a BMW Motorcycle concept bike for the possibilities of the future—BMW experts envision it as the concept car of the 2040s or so. The name “The Great Escape,” was inspired by Edgar Heinrich, head of design at BMW Motorrad. In his words: “The motorcycle provides my escape from everyday life. From the moment I climb on board, I experience nothing but absolute freedom – The Great Escape.”

The Great Escape, while seemingly looking totally different from other traditional BMW motorcycle line-ups, actually harks back to the classic BMW’s Motorrad timeline, with its triangular frame in black, white lines, opposed-twin engine located in the center of the frame like the R32, familiar blue and white logo, the incorporation of matt black textile, etc.

BMW motorcycle integrations

Bike Composition

Unlike, its predecessors, however, The Great Escape incorporates a totally unique FlexFrame, which extends from the front wheel to the rear wheel of the vehicle. Its slick and smooth, and with its unbroken lines, looking like a single seamless piece. Rotating the handles will adjust the full frame and change the direction of the BMW motorcycle. The frame tightens and flexes depending on your driving speed, while self-balancing gyroscopes keep the motorcycle smooth and steady.

Of course, that’s not even the coolest part! One of the most important aspects of the VISION NEXT 100 is that it will have zero emissions, running off of electricity. BMW envisions that  powerful motorcycles—and other vehicles—with zero pollution will be possible by the 2040s, and that most will be self-driving. Even cooler: the bike changes its form based on the speed of driving. When this BMW motorcycle is at rest, its “cooling fins” lie retracted. Once the bike kicks up speed, the fins extend, improving aerodynamics and protecting the ride from the elements. Dampening tires, whose variable tread “adjusts to suit ground conditions,” make shock absorbers unnecessary.

BMW motorcycle self stabilization feature


The future is all about plugging in. One of the most immediately noticeable facts about The Great Escape BMW motorcycle is that the rider isn’t wearing a helmet. In fact, the rider wears little protection at all, because this BMW motorcycle can balance and stabilize itself—even automatically if the rider fails to do so. Instead of traditional gear, the rider wears a sleek bodysuit, which can warm or cool the wearer. Instead, the rider wears an AR (augmented-reality) visor. This visor, controlled by the rider’s eye movements, are connected with an active assistance system, which anticipates what lies ahead, maps ideal paths for the rider, and alerts the rider of possible obstructions.