When it comes to luxury car repair, the best treatment is prevention. There are many simple things you can do and easy changes you can incorporate into your daily routine that will work wonders for your vehicle. Luxury vehicles are built out of high quality parts and with high quality labor—with the right care, they can last a long time. Indeed, with passionate dedication, you can expect your luxury vehicle to last decades!

Prepare Your Vehicle for Heat

Summer is hot, especially in Texas. Extreme temperatures—whether very hot or very hold—aren’t good for machinery. That’s why the summer months can result in significant wear and tear on your vehicle, or even more serious damage. High temps can destroy batters, stress the cooling system, wear down tires, and more. Thankfully, it’s still June, so we haven’t hit the hottest summer months yet. Here are a few ways you can get your car prepared:

  • Check the air conditioning. Commuting will be a sweaty nightmare if your AC unit isn’t working. Plus, the air conditioner is essential to getting clean air and keeping your car and certain parts cool. If your AC is performing less than optimally, it can’t hurt to get it checked out.
  • Change your oil. The recommended rule of thumb is every 3000 miles, or as specified by your auto manual. This is especially important if you plan to take a summer road trip, or enjoy activities that require hauling a trailer.
  • Flush the cooling system. The cooling system has to work even harder during the summer months to prevent overheating of the engine. A good way to make sure things are ready to go is getting your cooling system in A+ shape before the peak of summer hits. The coolant is typically changed annually on most vehicles.

Summer Luxury Car Repair Tips

Throughout the summer months, there are many things you can do to guarantee your vehicle stays in tip-top shape and doesn’t have to make a trip to a luxury car repair!

  • Keep your windows up. The rule of thumb for the summer should be AC on, windows up. Keeping your windows closed is not only more pleasant for you and your passengers, but improves aerodynamics and is ideal for driving on the highway. Plus, you won’t invite dirt, bugs, and other nasties into your car.
  • Stay in the shade. Both your vehicle’s exterior paint and interior material can fade and be damaged in the sun. To avoid cosmetic damage, and to make your car more pleasant when it’s time to drive again, park in the shade wherever possible.
  • Use sunshades. They may remind you of your parents creaky old Volvo, but sunshades aren’t just for the old-fashioned. Nowadays you can find sunshades in many different colors, materials, and designs. They’ll protect the interior of your car from sun damage, and can reduce fading, cracking and drying inside your vehicle. It’s a win-win!
  • Wax your vehicle. Think of this as sunglasses for your gar. Regularly wax your vehicle using a polish with UV protection in order to reduce sun damage and keep your paint vibrant, fresh, and shiny.

The Best Summer Luxury Car Repair

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