Why do you need Austin BMW repair? Well, BMWs are very unique and highly prized cars. It first began as an aircraft-engine production company and is noted for its top quality, ahead-of-the-curve design, remarkable safety, and cutting edge design. Since the release of its first commercialized car, the Austin 7 in 1922, BMW has been producing some of the world’s most sought after luxury cars—to the tune of 300,000 million cars produced per year. If you’re an owner of a BMW, you have every reason to be proud and protective over your car.

Why You Need a BMW Specialist

BMWs are high performance vehicles. Accordingly, they function off of top quality and specialized parts. This is what sets a BMW vehicle apart from other ones. While BMW vehicles are designed to require service less frequently than most vehicles, it is still important to make sure you get regular Austin BMW repair.

Ask any auto enthusiast or BMW expert: BMWs need special treatment. You can’t simply wheel your BMW into any standard or commercial auto repair shop. What you’ll end up with is inappropriate, cheap parts and inexperienced service that actually only serves to further damage your vehicle. Auto shops that can adequately service your BMW vehicle not only have the specialized knowledge necessary to work these high class machines, but also possess the equipment and tools—which are quite expensive—necessary to do so. Additionally, only highly trained and licensed BMW auto mechanics will have access to the BMW hardware and computer systems that program BMW’s latest lines of vehicles into true “smart” machines. Be assured: finding a qualified BMW Austin repair shop is well worth your while.

Why Choose Luxury Auto Works?

Luxury Auto Works is one of the most highly rated Austin BMW repair shops in the Austin area. We have two locations in Austin and Cedar, each noted by locals for its top-of-the-line facilities, excellent auto service, and world-class customer service.

Our renewed team of rigorously trained mechanics provide bumper to bumper service and repairs on a variety of luxury vehicles. Our automotive technicians are not only highly experienced, but extremely passionate. The dedication and attention to detail they put into their work results in high quality professional work and cost savings for our clientele.

See what our Austin BMW repair can do!

Luxury Auto Works is dedicated to building trust with all of our clients. We want you to be just as enthusiastic about coming to us about we are about servicing your car. Let us show what a difference our specialized BMW auto mechanics can make on your vehicle. To help you get comfortable, we offer all new customers the ability to bring in their vehicle to us for a courtesy vehicle inspection—so go ahead, drop by!