Rolls Royce Service and Repair in Austin & Cedar Park, TX

We are fortunate to have such a great shop here in town.

They can get their repair done promptly.They have loaners readily available.

The waiting area is clean, quiet and pleasant.

I recommend this shop to everyone i know.

Wiliam H., Austin, TX
 Cedar Park
rolls royce service and repair

The Luxury Auto Works of Austin team has a special love for Rolls Royce automobiles. Beyond their superior and elegant design, they are amazing to both drive and service.

Because of our passion for Rolls Royce automobiles, our expert mechanics perform high quality service for less when it comes to Rolls Royce service and repair. LAW understands that all Rolls Royce automobiles are refined vehicles which require annual maintenance of their complex, high quality power trains. Regardless of the model, LAW of Austin is here to bring passion and expertise to your Rolls Royce service and annual repairs.

Let us show you what we can do with our knowledge of Rolls Royce cars and our pride in quality service.

“The vehicles handle very well and are a ton of fun to drive.”

– Thomas Dere, Owner and Chief Mechanic

LAW mechanics have years of experience with Rolls Royce cars and can perform the following Rolls Royce service and repairs :
  • Rapide Technical Introduction Course
  • Technical Introduction Course
  • Introduction to AMDS
  • Diagnostic Tools Course
  • Engine Management
  • Advanced AMDS
  • Power Train Removal
  • MOST Diagnostics
  • Power & Performance

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