We are fortunate to have such a great shop here in town.
They can get their repair done promptly.They have loaners readily available.
The waiting area is clean, quiet and pleasant.
I recommend this shop to everyone i know.
Wiliam H., Austin, TX

Luxury Auto Works’ experienced staff offers full auto service and repairs for all Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Bentley, Aston Martin, Lotus, Lexus, and Rolls Royce cars. Our mechanics are highly trained and experienced with the service and repair of these vehicles and we look forward to helping you with any needs your car may have.

We value each customer we have and work to make sure their car is fixed correctly and for a fair price. If you have a Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW, Bentley, Aston Martin or Lotus, bring it to us and we can service or repair it quickly and correctly, often for less than the dealership.

  • Air Conditioning Service and Repair
  • Heater Service and Repair
  • Factory Recommended Annual Services
  • Engine Performance Diagnosis and Repair
  • Electrical Diagnosis
  • Computer Diagnostics
  • Control Module Programming
  • Suspension and Steering Repair
  • Used Vehicle Inspections
  • Major Repairs
  • Brake System Service and Repair
  • Clutches and Transmission
  • Oil Change
  • Timing Belt
  • Tune Up
  • General Maintenance
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics
  • SRS Malfunction Diagnostics
  • ABS Malfunction Diagnostics
  • SBC Malfunction Diagnostics
  • ABC Malfunction Diagnostics
  • Interior Trim Repair
  • Paintless Dent Removal
  • Wheel Repair, Including Bent or Scuffed Wheels
  • Radar System Installations

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